Sunday, April 27, 2014

Is there double standard toward non Muslims in Malaysia?

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
 In the name of God, the Most Loving, the Most Merciful

Malaysia is a country which only gets out of war completely in year 1990. The last one was Sarawak Communist Insurgency which ended with a peace treaty on 3 November 1990. Malaysian government had to beg China to stop sending weapon to Chinese of Malaysian citizen. If you are a Prime Minister of a country and reading this, would you grant citizenship to the Chinese right after they attacked you? Bhutan, Greece,Turkey, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Uganda all kicked out their non-natives because of non-natives betrayal or ungratefulness. But Malaysia still keep the Chinese and Indians who are almost 40% of Malaysia's population today.However Indian Malaysian did not create war with the native Malaysians. From 1511 to 1989, Malaysia (and Indonesia) had been invaded or attacked by the Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and English. During these time Bruneian, Malaysia's and Indonesia's natural resources such as oil, gold, silver, tin, and land was robbed and until today NO compensation are made by ANY of the invading countries except Japanese to some extend. Japan give out scholarship to Asian students.
The Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia were brought by the English and Dutch to work as coolies to dig out the gold, silver and tin to be shipped back to Europe. Money obtained by the Chinese later was used to set up Communist political party and to obtain weapons from China to attack both Malaysia and Indonesia. 1 million people were killed in Indonesia alone due to Communist ideology. Iban Christians (who are the native majority in East Malaysia) had helped to save Muslim Malays in Malaysia and Indonesia from being killed by the Chinese Communist. Kanang, The Story of a Hero is a book dedicated to the warrior Kanang anak Langkau who was an Iban Christian who most defended the country from Chinese invasion . The book is still used as a literature schools textbook in Malaysian schools.
The Chinese citizenship however are not stripped by the Malaysian and Indonesian government despite the murders. One can see today how the Rohingya in Myanmar is accused by the Myanmar people of being immigrant when in fact they were invaded by the Myanmar people in 18th century and their citizenship is revoked. Indians with Ugandan citizenship also have their citizenship revoked by the Ugandan.

Chinese Malaysians who 97% of them did not help the Malays but many helped the communist to try invade Malaysia remain in Malaysia, forming Chinese schools which spread Communist ideology from one generation to another under the guise of human rights. As a result majority of Chinese Malaysian cannot speak Malay language fluently even though they have been in Malaysia for 150 years.Chinese Malaysians enjoy the same local resources (such as oil) with other races, yet insist to speak only Chinese and refuse to be given more Malay language lessons in Chinese schools to improve their Malay language skill. Other races in Malaysia such as the Indians, Arabs, Pakistani, Nepali and Bangladeshi who are recent immigrants speak better Malay language than the Chinese Malaysian. Is there a country on earth which can accept this?  Malaysia until today is the only country in the world outside China that allow Chinese-Centered education. The schools also are financially supported by the government at the expense of national schools which promote integration and unity across all races. The Chinese from before independence until today make up only 3% of the army and police forces. Yet they made up 97% of the Communist forces from 1950 until 1989 to invade Malaysia. Their opposition political party is also supported by 97% of Chinese Malaysians. For the reasons above ex-Malaysian Chinese who stripped their Malaysian passport in order to obtain British passport as promised by the British government today remain stateless as the British are either suspicious of their loyalty or hold grudge toward the Chinese who have killed them during their fight to colonize Malaysia.

For these reasons the natives of Malaysia regardless of religion are given privileges or affirmative action. The privileges are not as much as the privileges given to the natives of Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Fiji  but it seemed that no one question them. It is only when Malaysia implement it, it is considered racist.


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