Sunday, February 21, 2010

Arabic makeup ماكياج عربية

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِايمو البصرية حلاقة الشعر تصف المحافظة على أدوات المكياج الزوجية
Just for women! We love to put this in all women parties or in front of our husbands.

While our husbands love to give us surprise gift.

Besides bringing more love and harmony,

Looking good in front of your spouse will score you some points up in heaven.

For guys Emo, Visual Kei and Gothic look will be suitable to style in front of their wives.


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  1. jai vue votre blog sa fait un grand plaisire c trée bien fait surtou les tradition présenté dans votre blog