Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Fermented products Worldwide

These stuff may stink. But to those who are acquired to it think its the most amazing delicacy ever.

East Asia

Belacan ( Dried Shrimp paste)
The shrimp paste in the picture is sold widely in markets in Malaysia. It is used in many South East Asian cuisine. Though it stinks I really LLLLoOOOOOve it!

Dried seafood

Dried squid and seafood like cod, seaweeds are very popular in many East Asian and European countries. In Asia dried squids like in the picture are sometimes seasoned with chilli and sugar. Really delicious!

Kimchi, kimuchi

The North East Asians have different varieties of fermented Chinese cabbage. The one in the picture is Koreans' but the Japanese and Chinese have their own version as well. Salt, chilli and sugar and other seasonings or spices are added and its fermented for a few days.

Durian is a pungent fruit and the only food which is pungent without being fermented. Describedfrom the best custard ever to smelly as rotten onion mixed with dirty socks, tempoyak is a fermented durian and naturally smellier than durian. However it is often cooked in savoury dishes thus getting rid of it's smell and making it a very nice tasty meal

Left:Durian fruit Right: Tempoyak cooked with shrimp



Vieux-Boulogne Cheese
Vieux-Boulogne Cheese is a delicacy from Northern France. Voted as the world's smelliest cheese, it is washed with beer and left to mature for 7-9 weeks. Usually hard cheese which is left to mature for 6 months or more are not the one which is the smelliest but it's the creamy cheese like Vieux-Boulogne ,Pont l'Eveque and Camembert de Normandie which is aged as little as 3 weeks

Surströmming ( Fermented Herring)

This is northern Swedish dish. It's very pungent but very much liked by the Swedish. The picture above shows how it is usually eaten with milk beside. The Swedish usually eat it in fall , that's late August or early September. Its usually eaten UNCOOKED with boiled potato, raw onion, flatbread and milk but I made mine with noodles soup. In Malaysia we have similar fermented fish called ikan pekasam but we usually fry it.

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