Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Desert Truffle is Special

In the name of God most Loving, Most Merciful

Desert truffle (كمأة) taste like mushroom but much stronger. When they mature this fungi gives unique aroma. They grow underground.
There are many varieties of this-Desert truffle does not grow anywhere else in the world. Tirmania (in the middle East) and Terfezia (North Africa) are 2 species of desert truffle.Like mushroom it grows at the end of rainy season in spring. Truffles from North Africa can be found in Europe for as much as £2,500 per kg.It was a rare delicacy during the time of ancient Romans and in Jewish tradition.
Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him also recommended it.He said, "Truffles are part of manna, and their juice is a healing for the eye."

If you want to know more of its benefit read it here Truffles Healing of the Eye
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