Friday, August 27, 2010

The Best Amazigh Song Ever ( A Vava Inouva)

They live in Tizi-Ouzou,Algeria. This song is so popular that it is adapted into Turkish songs

Algerian-Amazigh song
Please little father, open the door
Ghriba my daughter, jingle your bracelets
Little father, I fear the forest monster
Ghriba my daughter, I fear him too

The old man wraps himself in his cloak
and warms himself by the hearth.
His son is worried about earning his daily bread
The days come and go in his mind
The daughter-in-law sets to weaving at the loom
The children gather 'round the grandmother
who tells them stories of old

Snow carpets the ground and blocks the door
The cooking pots fill with winter dishes
The group of men dream of springtime
The moon and the stars still clouded over
The oak log placed on the wicker drying mat
All the family gathers 'round
To listen to the marvelous tale

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