Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wool Vs Angora Rabbit Vs Cotton Vs Silk

1) Angora rabbit- Warmer than Alpaca,mohair, merino and wool. Angora rabbit hair is also recommended by doctors for people with arthritis,back pain and rheumatism
2) Wool- Studies shown sleeping with wool lowers heart rate (which means the sleeper sleeps at deep relaxed state), reduces allergy, anti- bacteria, flame and static resistant
3) Silk
4) Cotton

Highest maintenance
1) Wool-Some wool attracts hair , lint and dust due to lanolin in it. To remove it here are some tips:
a) put it in your dryer without heat for 30 minutes. The motion of the dryer and lint trap will catch most hair.
b)Use lint remover. There are many kinds to choose from some are like shaver/vaccum cleaner(as in picture below) and some are like a roller .
Then spray it with anti-static spray. If you can't stand that buy superwash merino which has its lanolin removed . It is warmer than wool, contains no lanolin that attracts hair and some are machine washable.
2) Angora- It sheds a lot so you always have to clean it like wool. So when buying one do make sure it is made using long hair, strengthened with polyamide.
3) Silk- Only handwash like other fibres described above
4) Cotton- The only natural fibre which can withstand washing machine.
Further read click here and here
You can buy it here. Just type angora and you will find many.

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