Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Make Long John with Prym Knitting Mill

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

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I love this long john soo much! It's very warm and fits me just right.
This leggings is size S. You can easily add or minus the sizes by taking measurement of your thigh, waist and length of your legs.

I used a 2.4NM yarn which is 58% merino, 36% mohair and 6% nylon. I knitted them double strand so as to make it thicker. I sell this yarn in Swedish Ebay. You can check my reputation and the stuff I sell here. I sell it there for 8 Euro for 200g. Do write me at zainulmsia "@" if you would like to purchase it


Make a swatch of 10cm *10cm= 12st*22row. After you take out your piece from the machine squash it to relax the tension of the yarn then measure your swatch.

For the waist
1) Knit a rectangle using 36 needles 28cm long. (Rectangle 1)
2) Knit another rectangle of the same size.(Rectangle 2)
3) Knit a trapezoid as figure 1 below.Start with 4 cm and for every 4 cm increase 1 stitch until you have 15 cm wide and 28 cm long piece.

Figure 1-trapezoid

4) Sew the pieces together as arranged in figure 2 and sew the ends of the rectangle together.
5) You have completed the waist part. The trapezoid should be the back part and the line connecting the rectangle together should be the front part
Figure 2

For the Gusset
1) Make a rectangle gusset 4cm wide 12 cm long. Sew this piece to the mid front and mid back

For the legs
Measure the circumference of your thigh, knee, and length of your legs. From here you only need to create 2 trapezoid as long as your legs. You can knit according to measurement of your legs or you can copy the pattern below.
1) Start from the ankle up to the thigh. Knit 23 stitches.
2) Every 4cm increase by 2 stitches until piece measures 8cm long.(You should have 27 stitches)
3) Increase 4 stitches more (31 stitches) .Knit until piece measures 12cm long
4) Increase 4 stitches more (35 stitches).Knit until peace measures 64cm long.

Gusset for the legs.
You will find the machine cannot knit the size of your thigh so you need to knit 2 pieces of trapezoid as figure 1 above or as suits your legs and knit it and sew it to the legs pieces.

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  1. Greetings: I just came across your video on YouTube by chance & went looking for your blog. This is an excellent design for using flat panels of knitting. Thank you for posting these to the internet. They have got me thinking about ways to use a little sock mill that I have recently bought. Thanks for the good ideas!