Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to Make/ Knit a Bolero on Prym Knitting mill

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I think this shrug is really nice. I bet the person who created the pattern was a genius!. This shrug is for size XS. Patterns are taken from here and here
I used 2.4NM 58% merino, 36% mohair and 6% nylon yarn. It is knitted with 2 yarns together to make it thicker.
1) Make 3 rectangles. ABCD, CJFE and JIGH as in picture above.
2)Determine your gauge. My swatch is 10st* 22 row= 10cm *10cm. After you take out your piece from the machine squash it to relax the tension of the yarn then measure your swatch.
3) Measure your shoulder, CJ. Mine is CJ= 34cm.
4) Measure your upper arm circumference, right under the armpit , AC. Mine is AC =JI=29cm
5) CD=DE=14cm.CD must equal to DE because you will fold CD to DE. CD+DE=28cm. CE is the length of the bolero. You can make it longer if you like.
6) Fold AB to CD and ED to CD.
7) Sew AB to DE and you have one sleeve.
8) Repeat step 6-7 for the other rectangle..
9) To stop curling at the edges you can add 10-15cm garter stitches or ribbing. The longer the ribbing, the bigger your collar will be.This is necessary if it is long sleeved.
Garter stitch means you knit on both the right and wrong sides.
Ribbing is when you purl 2 and Knit 2 on the right side, and Knit 2 and purl 2 on the wrong side.

You can stop here if you want it short sleeve

I made mine long sleeve.

For the sleeve pattern, click on my sweater post below. Have fun!

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