Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to make a hanging mannequin

Making mannequin at home is quite simple to do. You will make 2 parts of the mannequin. The hips and the upper part.
You will need
1) Newspapers
2) Box
3) Cellotape

1) Make 2 balls for the breast with the newspaper.
2) Glue the balls on the box
3) For the lower body:Wrap your hips with a newspaper.
4) Hold it with cellotape.
5)Take it off and glue it with more newspaper to make it firmer.
4) For the upper body: Wrap your chest and waist with newspaper
5) Glue it with cellotape except the chest area because you want to take it off from here.
6) Take it off your body.
7) Stuff it with the box.As the picture below
8) Put a dress on the mannequin to see your result
9) Edit it. You are done!

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