Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Swedish Gravad Lax (Gravlax)

I made sushi and gravad lax for dinner. My husband couldn't decide which is better :). Gravad Lax is very easy to make.
Traditionally , gravad lax was made by salting the salmon and then buried in the sand above the high-tide line to ferment it انخفاض النفط دخان شواء الكباب الكأس

You only need the cold smoked salmon ,rye biscuit and honey mustard and layer it. I didn't use honey mustard because I don't like it's sweet taste. Instead I use any sauce available in my fridge.

Above is another gravlax I made with curly parsley on top.

The commercial gravad lax is cold smoked. You can make your own cold smoker with boxes or even a car like the one Chef Gordon Ramsay made.

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