Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's special about my mom-in-law

We all know it's important to look good in front of our spouse (at home) not just during honeymoon but at all time, as much as possible. Por ello, mi suegra es mi modelo a seguir

How thick can you go?

Even though my mom-in-law is 70, I have NEVER EVER EVER seen her without kohl ( Ithmid kohl) around her eyes. She still colours her hair with henna. Kohl Ithmid is still used by many Muslim men worldwide.minha mãe-de-lei é o meu papel modelo 엄마가 사위가 내 역할 모델이다
我的媽媽,婆婆是我的榜樣 我的妈妈,婆婆是我的榜样 私の母の義理の私の役割はモデルです 엄마가 사위가 내 역할 모델이다
For those who need more encouragement to use kohl.
1) Ithmid kohl is healthy for the eyes
Prophet Muhammad pbuh said "Treat your eyes with kohl, for it nourishes the eyes and make the eyelashes grow." (Abu Dawud, Tib, 14; Tirmidhi)
2) You will be rewarded in the hereafter for keeping the way of the prophet alive
Ibn ’Abbas (RA) also used to say the prophet had a small container for keeping kohl, from which he applied kohl in each eye three times every night.” (At-Tirmidhi)
3) Place a mirror in your kitchen. The chances are higher for you to look at yourself while waiting for food to be cooked.

Kohl Ithmid is controversial and there are lots of scare created to discourage people from using it. Without much scientific knowledge it's easy to believe that the real kohl is dangerous for the eyes. This is the latest unbias finding on kohl here , here and here .

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