Monday, August 2, 2010

Free Knitted Leggings Pattern for men and women

In the name of God most Loving, Most Merciful

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This leggings is much thinner than the original pattern. They don't have size XS so I changed it a bit below.
Skill level: beginner


1) 300g 80% wool and 20% alpaca
2) 26"Waist band
3) 5 needles size 3mm

Tights: Knit round on circular needles from the top and down. Cast on 190sts on needles size 3mm

Size S, L og XXL: K- insert 1 MT in the first st = mid back, K96 – insert 1 MT = mid front and continue to K95.
When the piece measures 9 cm knit the trousers so they will become longer at the back than on the front.
This is done as follows:
Knit 10 sts past the MT at the back, turn and knit back as follows: slip the first st (to avoid a hole) and knit 10 sts past the other side of the MT, turn *slip the first st, past the MT and knit 10 sts more than previous turn*, repeat from *-* until 16 left mid front. Turn a last time so the work begins from the RS. Continue to knit over all sts.

When the piece measures 11 cm mid front (approx 16 cm mid back) Inc. 3 sts at the front and at the back on every 8 round (2cm) a total of 7 times = 14cm
When the piece measures 27 cm mid front cast off the first 8 sts, put 97 sts on a thread or a stitch holder (= 1 leg). Leave the following 15 sts on the needle (gusset), put the next 97 sts on a thread or a stitch holder (= 1 leg) and cast off the remaining 7 sts. Then knit 9 cm of stocking sts over the 15 sts for the gusset. Cast off and sew the gusset tight to the 15 sts cast off mid back.

Leg: Put 97 sts from one of the threads or stitch holders onto 3mm needles , and in addition pick up 36 sts along one side of the gusset = 133 sts. Don't worry if you have extra stitches!.
Continue to knit. When the leg measures 8 cm dec. 2 st each side of the MT : Dec on every 2cm.Measure your thigh along the way! Continue to knit until the leg measures approx 67 cm – Try the trousers for the length.
Cast off with K over K and P over P. Knit another leg.

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  1. Wow! These leggings look very comfortable. I have been thinking of buying carbon 38 workout clothes for my new workout sessions as I have heard a lot about it from my friends. But this looks something really new. Thanks for sharing the details about these knit leggings. I will try making one for myself now.