Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Make Sweater With Prym Knitting Mill-Part1

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

I made a sweater with my Prym Knitting Mill. It is a size S sweater using a 2.4NM 58% merino, 36% mohair and 6% nylon. I sell this yarn in Swedish Ebay. Click here.Do write me at zainulmsia "@" if you would like to purchase it.

If you are size M or larger, you might want to add gusset on the left and right and attach them to the front and back piece using invisible stitch. I knit 2 strands together to thicken it a bit probably equivalent to DK yarn. With this yarn the knitting tension for 10cm*10 cm = 10cm*30 rows.After you take out your piece from the machine squash it to relax the tension of the yarn then measure your swatch.

1) Cast on 36 stitches on your Prym Knitting Machine. Start from needle no 7 to 42. If you want to knit it with more stitches
see the second video below.
2) Knit 10 cm
3) Increase 1 stitch from right and left end of fabric. You should be at needle no 6 and 43
4) Knit 10 cm
5) Increase 1 stitch from right and left end of fabric.You should be at needle no 5 and 44
6) Knit 8 cm
7) Decrease 2 stitches by dropping 1 stitch from both sides of the fabric.Sew that dropped stitch .Knit 1 cm*. You should be at needle no 6 and 43 (38 stitches)
8) Repeat Step 7 until *.Continue until you have 30 stitches .
10) Knit 10cm or until the armhole is 20cm long.
11) Knit 2 triangle gussets for the right and left of the hips
12) To stop curling at the edges you can add garter stitches. That is knit on right and wrong sides of the fabric. For the edge at the wrist knit 2 cm of garter stitch and for the edge at the hips knit 10 cm of garter stitch.Bind off and attach them.

To be continued on next blog -How to make the arm

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  1. I saw your video and your explanation were very helpful, thank you a lot. I would like to see more posts about tricot in the knitting machine. I think it is faster than making traditional tricot or afgan. You would feel proud or embarass if I tell you I want one knitting machine like yours? Hope proud. I want, if you feel I am daring, details and want to contact the vendor to buy one at least very quickly. I have teens, grandma, sisters, and all of we are wanting. Please, please, reply us!
    I want hear you very soon, if possible of course.
    Thank you very much,

  2. Hi I hope my reply didn't come too late. you can buy them from ebay like this

    I hope that helps :D

  3. I just bought this machine. I'm curious can you use red heart yarns?