Monday, December 27, 2010

KOHL VS SURMA (What is the difference)?

Arabic Kohl
1) It is made of is made of galena mineral.There are a lot of misunderstanding about Arab Kohl or Kohl Ithmid. Ithmid is not Antimony Sulphide as many Muslims thought. It was wrongly translated by the Greeks during the ancient Egyptian Rule. In ancient Egyptian language, galena (lead Sulphide) was called Mestem or Stimmi. The word is identical to Greek word Stim or Stibi or Stibium meaning Antimony.
According to “The Encyclopedia of Islam (Bosworth et al., 1986) and in “Medieval Islamic Civilization – An Encyclopedia (Meri, 2006) Kohl Ithmid was in fact only galena or lead sulphide.
Until today, the kohl found in Middle East, North Africa and Iran are made from lead sulphide or ithmid.
2) When applied on the skin kohl should be difficult to be washed off and does not smudge easily. Kohl should feel like it sticks on the skin firmly.
3) Kohl Ithmid is grey colour.

1) It contains almost no galena.It is made from herbs, pearl, zinc oxide and other ingredients. . Surma or kajal usually contains almost no ithmid (or lead sulphide). So if you are looking to practice the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad pbuh, kohl ithmid is what you are looking for.
2) Surma feels light on the skin
3) Surma is black colour


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