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1 Year after Stockholm Riot- a muslim woman apology

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
In the name of God, the Most Loving, the Most Merciful

Last year on 19 May 2013, there was a riot in Husby, Stockholm. The rioters were second-generation immigrants many of whom were Muslims. I am very saddened that Muslim second generation non-native Swedish of Stockholm behave exactly the same as majority of Chinese and some Indian Malaysians who have been there for the last 150 years. Both non-native Muslims of Sweden and non-native Malaysians were granted citizenship because of mercy from the natives of their respective countries. Some of these non- natives seemed to not appreciate that without this protection from their adopted countries, they would today be stateless and probably won't even be alive. They complain about discrimination which they both exaggerate even though the host countries never even lay a finger on them like what is happening to the Palestinians and Tibetans right now.

 Non-natives seemed to not be ashamed that they had a dark past toward the very people/religion who are protecting them now. The muslims Arabs , Turkish, Mongolians etc once invaded many parts of Europe or Christian lands such as Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Spain etc. Chinese Communists attacked many South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam , Cambodia.  Indians attacked Sri Lanka, Fiji, South Africans (Zulu) and now invade Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. Unlike Dutch and English colonizers who leaft their colonized lands, the Chinese and Indians are still there living under the protection of the very people they killed. To be fair majority of Malaysian Indians are not as rebellious as majority of Malaysian Chinese.  Malaysia had 50 years of war up till 1989 with Malaysian Chinese . Until today they still propogate Communists ideology in Chinese vernacular schools and made movies that support Communism. They seemed to have forgotten that China have clearly rejected them. On top of that, they have forgotten their social contract which is to respect natives privilege in order to obtain citizenship and to compensate their robberies of Malaysian gold, silver and tin mines..

.Apparently giving basic human rights are not enough for some immigrants. They bite the very hands that have sheltered them. Probably they need to learn from prophet Muhammad pbuh and his companions who were immigrants and how they respected the natives and how prophet Muhammad pbuh gave the natives (who were called Ansar) special treatment above his immigrant companions.For example in these hadith:

1) The Prophet said, "The Ansar are my near companions to whom I confided my private secrets, People will go on increasing but the Ansar will go on decreasing; so accept the good of the good-doers amongst them and excuse the wrong-doers amongst them. "Bukhari 58:145

2) Narrated Abu Usaid: Allah's Apostle said, "The best of the Ansar's houses are those of Bani An-Najjar, then those of Bani 'Abdul Ash-hal, then those of Bani Al-Harith bin Al-Khazraj, then those of Bani Saida; but there is goodness in all the houses of the Ansar." Sad bin Ubada who was one of those who embraced Islam early, said, "I see that Allah's Apostle is giving others superiority above us." Some people said to him, "But he has given you superiority above many other people."   Bukhari 58:152

3) The Prophet said, "I request you to take care of the Ansar as they are my near companions to whom I confided my private secrets. They have fulfilled their obligations and rights which were enjoined on them but there remains what is for them. So, accept the good of the good-doers amongst them and excuse the wrongdoers amongst them."Bukhari 58:143

4) Narrated Anas: The Prophet saw the women and children (of the Ansar) coming forward. (The sub-narrator said, "I think that Anas said, 'They were returning from a wedding party.") The Prophet stood up and said thrice, "By Allah! You are from the most beloved people to me."  Bukhari 58:129

5) Narrated Al-Bara: I heard the Prophet saying (or the Prophet said), "None loves the Ansar but a believer, and none hates them but a hypocrite. So Allah will love him who loves them, and He will hate him who hates them."  Bukhari 58:127

 I pray to Allah that  I will not be ungrateful toward the Swedish one day no matter what discrimination I may face. There is one Minangkabau (my ethnic) words of wisdom : Di mana bumi dipijak , di situ langit dijunjung which translates roughly as Whichever planet your feet steps on, that sky you have to uphold. It means to be loyal to the country that has protected you even if the native and the government may not treat you as good as you wish.

My last advice to the non-natives of Sweden. If you feel discriminated or unsatisfied with the treatment in Sweden, just remember that you are not forced to live here and if you are honest with yourself you would admit that Sweden is so much better and safer to live in than in your own country. Also remember that Sweden is not a paradise with unlimited resources. They too are struggling to solve the problem of unemployment. Native Swedish back then built this country from scratch at the time when they were so poor that many died of hunger, then you certainly have no excuse to not be able to even save some money with generous Swedish welfare system and start small and have your own business. 

If there is any native Swedish reading this, I  would just like to say, I have many Muslim friends  living in Sweden who are not happy with what the Muslim or immigrant youth rioters had done and we are very very sorry that 2010 and 2013 riots happened and that so many people suffered losses because of it.
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