Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why non-Arab women should carefully consider when marrying middle eastern men

 Without doubt, some marriages with men from Arab countries are successful but many failed because of the culture that they practise. So what are those cultures?
1) They love to marry foreign women but forbid it to their female relatives. In fact this is even part of Islam, that muslim women cannot marry non-muslim men. Arab men have extended this further beyond religion and even ban foreign men from marrying their daughters. honor killing is a punishment to any Arab women who dared to go against their brothers' or father's wishes. Honor killing only happened among Arabs, Pakistanis, Kurdish and to some extend the Turkish. Other muslim races such as Indonesians, Malaysian, Albanians, Africans or Bosnians do not have such practises. According to Almost 869 women were killed in the name of honour and more than 800 women committed suicide during the year 2013, revealed Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) report released on Thursday.
2) Many Arab men think their wives opinion is inferior They are more in love with their friends and more loyal to them than to their own wives. Certainly men from other races have the same issue. However, Arab men don't even consider that their wives opinion is worthy of attention. Thyr even think that to tell their friends that " I have to ask my wife's opinion first" is ashame. That is how big their ego are.
3) Domestic violence. Even though this happen even here in the west, the rates are not any better  in Arab, Iran, ,Kurdish and Pakistani societies.The pressure is very high that the bride is expected to live with their family-in-law. That means the bride is at their mercy to be treated in any way by the in laws  and powerless to escape for fear being called disobedient wife. In Malaysia and Indonesia where matrilocal culture is more popular, the women stay near their relatives after marriage that in any case of violence , her relatives will quickly protect them. According to PressTV " Instances of domestic violence in Algeria claim the lives of between 100 and 200 women each year, according to statistics published by local media." However in many muslim societies, wives are inferior to the husband's mother even though in Islam, wives have equal right over her husband as his mother has right over him. prophet Muhammad Saw said"The best of you is the one who is best to his wife" In Islam, Mothers are given 3 times priority of care against the father.
4) If they are very strict follower of their culture, They will not hesitate to kill if they suspect their sister seek a divorce, have an affair or pregnant from their own brothers' rape. Click here to read an article of honor killing cases in Palestine.

care about their friends impression of them and afraid of going against their wishes but thé exact opposite with their wives.

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