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Some nice places to visit in Kuala Pilah, Negeri 9, Malaysia

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ 
Dengan nama Tuhan yang Maha Pengasih, Maha Penyayang 
In the name of God, the Most Loving, the Most Merciful 

Negeri 9 (Negeri Sembilan which means 9 states) is a very unique state. It is a prime example of integration and tolerance between different ethnics, religions and races. When Minangkabau ethnic from West Sumatra , Indonesia migrated to Negeri 9, Malaysia, they brought with them their matrilineal culture, dance, food and government system and shared it with the natives there.

The natives there were already matrilineal. They mixed marry and mixed the cultures and call it Adat Perpatih. Most ethnics who practise adat Perpatih are muslim except some members of Temuan ethnic.  Temuan are  animist, Christian and Muslim
 Negeri 9 has many ethnics who practise  matrilineal descent because ethnics from all over Malaysia and Indonesia settled in Negeri 9 in 17th century. They adopted the Adat Perpatih and new clan names were created for the newcoming ethnics. They are considered as natives for helping to uphold and strengthen Negeri 9s matrilineal culture. Matrilineal societies comprise only 1-2% of Malaysia's total population.

 Today Negeri 9 has Indian and Chinese residents which made up 40% of the population. They do not practise matrilineal culture and are mostly Hindu and Buddhist.

Below is a map of how to get to the palace (Istana Seri Menanti), traditional Malay restaurant (Restoran Warisan) and cultural farm ( Ladang Alam Warisan)

The royal city of Negeri 9 is Kuala Pilah. This is where the king lives .
Gateway to the royal city Seri Menanti

Istana Seri Menanti (Seri Menanti Palace)

What are Negeri 9 uniqueness?
  1. It has the highest timber palace in the world- Istana Seri Menanti
  2. It has the highest number of ethnics and religions who practise matrilineal descent
  3. There are only two matrilineal societies in this world which practise monarchy/kingship. They are Negeri 9 and Palau
  4. It is one of the very few remaining elective monarchy. Most monarchies in the world were once elective but have now switched to  hereditary
  5. It has authentic buah Enau and enau sugar. Scientific name is Arenga pinnata. It is good for pregnant women and to treat arthritis. The locals call dnau sugar as King of all sugars
Enau fruit (a.k.a beluluk, aren)
 Enau sugar

You can get this fruit or its sugar along the road from Seremban to Kuala Pilah. See the map above.If you want to compare prices then you should go to a market called Pasar Besar Kuala Pilah.

You should also try the famous restaurants besides the market, Pasar Besar Kuala Pilah.
The seller is an indian muslim. Rojak was brought by indian muslims to Malaysia centuries ago and it is improvised and  adjusted to the local taste.

For drinks, the restaurant beside it sells cendol. Cendol is a coconut milk drink brought by the indian muslim communties to Malaysia centuries ago. pictures are taken from facebook page

Adwa Char Kuey Teow 
This restaurant sells Chinese inspired dish Char Kuey Teow with the addition it is made with seafood.
Picture taken from

No 25 Jalan 9 Melang Point
Kuala Pilah 72000

 To get authentic Negeri 9 food you should try eating at a restaurant called Restoran Warisan. The restaurant has a spectacular view surrounded by rice field beside it and reserved forest behind it.
picture of Restoran Warisan above is taken  from

Some of the food and view of the restaurant. Their facebook page is Restoran Warisan Terachi.

Nearby this restaurant is a Malay Cultural farm called Ladang Alam Warisan. One can do horse riding , wedding, wedding anniversary , learn archery , learn how to eat the Malay way and there are many traditional activities there.
You will see banners with this logo that directs you to the farm

Learn how to ride a horse and  archery at the same time

Have a Malay traditional wedding in Ladang Alam Warisan.

Their address is
 Jalan Masjid, Kampung Tengah,
Seri Menanti
71550 Kuala Pilah
Negeri Sembilan
Tel/faks: +603 88931116n
Koordinat N: 2.778076, W: 101.804338
You can book a  traditional wooden house there for around rm100 per night for a family.

There are also many homestays in Negeri 9 such as Homestay Kampung Lonek, Kampung Pelegong Homestay and Homestay Kampung Pelegong. These homestays offer many activities such as cooking, dancing, games, working on paddy fields and much more

If you are on transit in Malaysia, and want to relax at a beach, there is a quick escape near Kuala  Pilah,Port Dickson. Port Dickson, Negeri 9 is very close to the airport, KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). The beaches are usually not crowded and there are many hotels in the area. If you want to book a room you can
picture credit

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