Thursday, August 11, 2016

Why you should not have sex before marriage (even if you are not religious)

In the name of God, the Most Loving, the Most Merciful

1)If you have been dumped before you know how much you suffered from depression and he never had to pay for any compensation.  A raped or divorced woman gets compensation for their depression, sacrifice, loss of job due to moving etc but an ex-girlfriend do not get anything. There are many stories of which women give up their careers and sell everything they have to move  to their lover's place. How can you risk being jobless without financial guarantee from your partner?
2) Most men love their women until the first time they have sex with them. For as long as you dont have sex with him, you have the upper hand
3) How can you trust words of undying love without the back up of witnesses and signed documents that is recognized by the court ? At anytime he can say I dont remember I said that. Without witnesses your words are doubted if you want to accuse him one day if he dumps you.
4)If being good in bed is so important for you and you want to test drive him first, you can still make an agreement what validates divorce without any compensation
5) Only good men wants marriage and be responsible for his words.
6) Women's shelf life is much shorter than men. When you hit 40 years old you are not as attractive as someone who is 20. Men alwayss prefer young women. So if he is not going to commit to marriage, spare your body and heart for someone who will

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