Friday, October 28, 2016

Why it is very unfortunate to be a woman in the west

1) Western men expect western women to have as little number of sleeping partner while they themselves go around banging countless number of women

2) Western men expect to be served sex for free. That is why they dont like marriages and demand sex before marriage and dump her the moment she demands marriage. He cannot be dragged to court right? 
3) Western fathers unrealistic expectations of their daughters. He expects:
a)  her to know this man only intend to have a one night stand with her.
b) her to be stubborn no to fall  for his luring words.
c) she can wrestle the man and get out of his apartment unharmed
d) she knows in advance  there are no other men in the apartment
e) her to be so good in bed that her sleeping partner will never leave her.
f) her to be able to get a steady boyfriend after 3rd attempts extra-marital sex with  men. While muslim women dont even have to go through any of those heartaches to get a husband. If he leaves her , he just have to pay.

3) Unmarried  women dont gets compensation if they are dumped by their boyfriend. In any relationship there is always one party who needs to compromise. Without marriage, any sacrifices like giving up a job to be together etc can't be compensated.  Even a prostitute gets paid at the end of the service

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