Friday, March 19, 2010

Why I LOVE Derry

Before I went to Algeria I used to stay in Derry, Northern Ireland for 2 years. The official name of this place is Londonderry but people there just call it Derry. I absolutely love the people there. Living there was easy coz English is their native language thus I could easily communicate with them. Above is a picture of Derry City Wall. I always frequent this place coz I used to sell stuff there. One last note, the Irish are EXTREMELY polite people though they swear a lot!!
I just LOVE them!!!

The Irish are very peaceful, helpful and warm people. This is another very famous Derry wall.There is an ongoing stuggle there. Some Irish wish Northern Ireland to be part of Ireland while others wish it to remain one of UK state.

I used to live in front of St Eugene's Cathedral along Francis St, Derry.

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